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Cheap Full Lace Wigs Human Hair Uk Online Sale

Full Lace Wigs is the hair root is hair root, hair slightly hair slightly, head and tail do not reverse the chaos of the hair. Shun Fat is the best raw material for making wigs.
Some people think that the hair surface with scales, scales are basically in the direction of a hair for the hair. Shun Fat is divided into two kinds: braided hair and inverted hair.
Braided hair generally refers to the cut from the head, the first layer of the hair is not reversed, the tail slightly pale yellow.
The root of the hair is the use of the root machine will bubble hair (throw) with a hair follicle and a little part of the open, to do the same scales to make the effect of Shun Fat.
Of course, there is a difference between the two, with the origin of the braided hair in general texture than the bubble to be hard, the root hair itself is metabolic or external force and fall off the hair, so the use of time, braided hair than the root hair more durable.
How to distinguish between hair and hair:
If a single from the appearance of identification bubble hair and Shun Fat, has been completely not used, so the above identification methods, individuals can not agree. Summed up the sentence: "a look two touch three feelings." "Look at the appearance", along with the appearance of scales, and generally not over the acid treatment, do not bake the oil, the appearance will sometimes appear slightly boring some, bubble after a multi-channel processing, the appearance of shiny. "Two touch", touched the tail from the beginning, very smooth, from the tail to the head, some rough, generally Shun Fat. Bubble hair to remove the scales, no matter how you touch, basically do not knot, will appear smooth, which is why the reason why the bubble so popular.
"Three senses" feel its softness, feels its elasticity, feels its moisture.
Shun Fat's handling:
Shun Fat's processing and foaming almost, most of them only save the process of acid processing.
Because of the impact of raw material prices, pure Shun made out of the finished product and their target price gap is large, so the demand is not very high, after all, the rich are always a minority, so the scope of use is not extensive, and for Customer needs, we can only understand to give them a psychological comfort. If you encounter an absolutely know the wig of the experts, and asked to Shunfa, the customer basically determined not to be too much, and basically to hair curtain, hair to the main. (Here that the customer is only for foreign customers, domestic customers can not be generalized, after all, China is still a lot of hair)

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